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Adult finger clip sensor
Adult silicone soft tip sensor
Neonate Silicone Wrap sensor
Pediatric finger clip & soft tip sensor
Adult Ear Clip Spo2 sensor
Spo2 Adatper cable & Extension cable
Patient Monitor Cable & Leadwires
Patient Monitor Direct Connect Cable
EKG cable with Leadwires
NIBP Cuff and Air Hose
Animal Tongue/Ear Clip Spo2 sensor
Disposable sensor
Temperature probe
IBP Cable
 spo2 probe spare parts
 NIBP connectors
ESU pensil accessories
Plastic push-pull circular connectors
Metal circular push-pull plug and socket
Suction Electrode and Limb Electrode
spo2 /ECG cross reference form
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Original spo2 sensor
NIBP cuff and Air hose
Connector and Sensor Part
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